Build your brand with distinctive imagery that sets you apart from your competition.

My name is Tim Baron. I'm a lifelong artist and illustrator.

Art and creativity have always been a passion for me.

Whether it's helping a company build it's brand through vivid, engaging, and powerful imagery, or helping fellow artists fulfill their creative goals. This is my specialty. This is what I'm here for.

In recent days I've done a lot of work involving skateboard art and action figure/toy related art. These are two genres that are close to my heart as both played a major role in my formative years, helping to make me the artist I am today.

Enough about me.

Let's talk.

What others are saying

"Tim did an amazing job for me. I gave him a general direction to go in and he delivered everything I was looking for and more. He's on time and on point. I will be working with Tim again in the future for sure!"
Rocky Gray, Living Sacrifice, Lycan Studio

"Tim Baron is a reliable creative who gets the job done on time. I've been blown away by his professionalism and quality. I confidently recommend his services."
Ryan Michler, Order of Man

"I have worked with Tim Baron for over four years now and I hope to work him for many years past this. Tim produces excellent work when I need it and how I need it. Highly recommended!"
Lance Hill, Funhill Games

"If you are looking for a great artist, capable of different styles who's as talented as he is easy to work with, Tim Baron is that artist. If you are lucky enough to have him on your project you are the real winner. Tim is just a great guy to work with."
David Lee, Cast-a-Way Toys