Case Studies

Welcome to a "Behind the Scenes" look into my creative process and how I provide insanely creative art solutions for clients.

X GAMES Minneapolis Skate Deck Design

An in-depth overview of my strategy and rationale for my submission to the "Design a Skate Deck for the 2018 X Games in Minneapolis, MN" Contest put on by Creative Allies.  

CREATURE Skateboards "Batty" logo + deck designs

Creature Skateboards asked me to create a new logo and two skateboard deck designs. They gave me some specific perimeters for the logo and then told me to go wild with the accompanying deck designs. I did.

CREATURE Skateboards "Stumps" deck designs + logo

Creature Skateboards asked me to create skate deck art for a new line of boards called "Stumps." The only guideline they gave me were "missing limbs." I slept on it, and then my studio erupted into a state of unbridled, mythological chaos of epic proportions.