DEATH TROOPER: Inspiration from the Past

I recently finished this piece for Skipro Toys. When he offered me the job, I immediately knew what well of inspiration to draw from.

The project is for a short run of vintage Kenner style "Death Troopers" in celebration of the new Rogue One movie in which the character appears. So there is a cool retro vibe already present if you're taking into consideration where Rogue One fits in Star Wars chronology.

So I wanted a retro feel. But not JUST a Kenner retro feel. So I began looking at old issues of the 1970s Marvel Star Wars comics that were all over the place visually. Then it came to me.

The sky opened and Inspiration fell like an anvil from Heaven.

Most are familiar with the old, controversial EC Comics from the 1950s that caused an uproar due to their violent and unsavory content. But whatever one may think of these books, they had some great art and some iconic covers.

I scoured the internet for photo references and finally stumbled across this brilliant Harvey Kurtzman cover...

Epic. Completely epic. So with respect to Harvey Kurtzman, this is the route I took.

Special thanks to Skipbro Toys for letting me be a part of this awesome undertaking.